300 Willits Street
Birmingham, Michigan

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July 16, 2017

Welcome & Announcements

We Greet Each Other

Prelude:                               “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” (Raney)                    

Call to Worship:

Leader: How beautiful is God’s presence in all the earth!  We see God’s glory                  in the expanse of the heavens and in the smallest bug.
All:  All plants and animals, dirt and oceans are God’s creation.  All that                God has made reflects God’s goodness.
Leader: We are created in God’s image, to relate with God and to create with        God.  We receive great abundance and care from our Creator.
All: God blesses us day by day with good things.  We are given responsibility                to care for all created things.
Leader:  We gather to praise God and be with one another.  We celebrate all the            ways that God is revealed to us.
All: We worship the creator and sustainer of all things.  We rejoice in Jesus’  promise of the Holy Spirit who is among us.

*Opening Hymn:                    “All Creatures of Our God and King” #23             

Opening Prayer

Children’s Time

First Scripture Reading:                  Psalm 104 (O.T. Page 554)

Sharing of Joys and Concerns

Prayers of the Community

*Hymn:                                          “Renew Your Church” #462                               

Presenting our Gifts, Tithes and Offering

Offertory:                                      “How Great Thou Art” #51

*Doxology:             “We Give Thee but Thine Own” #688, Vs. 1 & 2


Second Scripture Reading:          Genesis 1:1-3; 26-27 (O.T. Page 1)                          

Sermon:                                      “Co-Creating with God”

*Closing Hymn:      “Breathe on Me, Breath of God” #461, Vs. 1 & 2            



The flowers today are given in sweet memory of Donna Susan Kaczmarek Ritchie by her family.

Providing Leadership in This Morning’s Service:

Preaching this morning is Senior Pastor Scott Runyon; playing the service today is Myra Trask; Jack E. Ellis is our Director of Music; Worship Leader is Dave Brault; Ushers include: David Drake, Harriet Stewart, Glenn Craig, Phil Babian, Dennis Schultz, Henry Nabors. Today’s Sound Technicians include: Scott Ritchie, Will Olsen. Our Youth Leader is Shantel Gholston. The Church Administrator is Leslie Jaquez. Music reproduced with permission of One license A-604859.  All rights reserved.

First Baptist Church

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