First Baptist Church

of Birmingham, Michigan

(248) 644-0550

300 Willits Street
Birmingham, Michigan

Worship Bulletin

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Ascension Sunday

May 28, 2017

​Sunday May 28, 2017                            Ascension Sunday

Prelude:                             "Eternal Father, Strong To Save” (arr. Larry Shackley)

Welcome & Announcements

We Greet Each Other

Call To Worship:

Leader: Shout to the rooftops!  Today is Ascension Sunday, let us celebrate for our Lord Jesus Christ is seated at God’s right hand!
People: The same Christ who was given by God to help us learn how to live together and love each other is now seated with God!  We look up in wonder as he is lifted from us into heaven.
Leader: Don’t stand staring into the heavens! Christ’s spirit is with us, in us, and through us!  It is not time to gaze upward, there is work to be done here.
People: Rejoice and dance happily! It is not time to mourn!  Jesus has entrusted the ministry of God’s love to us.
Leader: Come, join us in song, praising God with our whole lives and spirits! Come, let’s get to work!
People: Let’s make our hearts ready for the task ahead with prayer and praise!
Leader: Amen
People: Amen

*Opening Hymn:                                        "God of the Ages” #728

Opening Prayer

First Scripture Reading:                            John 17:1-11

*Hymn:                                           "Crown Him with Many Crowns” #317

Uplifting our Concerns & Celebrations

Presenting our Gifts, Tithes and Offering

               Offertory: "If You Will Suffer God to Guide You” (J. S. Bach)
               *Doxology:  “Give Thanks” #359          


Second Scripture Reading                    Acts 1:6-14

Anthem:                                           "Bow Down Low"   (arr. Bridges)         Chancel Choir

Sermon:                                                                  “Ascended”

*Closing Hymn:                 "The Battle Hymn of the Republic” #730


Postlude:                                          "Animato” (Arnold Sherman)

Providing Leadership in This Morning’s Service:

Preaching this morning is stated supply Paul Prochazka; Playing the service today is Jack E. Ellis, our Director of Music; Worship Leader is Marilyn Lin; Ushers include: David Drake, Harriet Stewart, Glenn Craig, Phil Babian, Dennis Schultz, Henry Nabors. Today’s Sound Technicians include: Scott Ritchie, Will Olsen. Our Youth Leader is Shantel Gholston. The Church Administrator is Leslie Jaquez. Music reproduced with permission of One license A-604859.  All rights reserved.