300 Willits Street
Birmingham, Michigan

Providing Leadership in This Morning’s Service:

Senior Pastor: Pastor Scott Runyon

Organist/Director of Music: Myra Trask

Bell Choir Director: Judy Phillips

Worship Leader today is: Bill Olsen
Ushers: Harriet Stewart, Glenn Craig, Henry Nabors, Jackie Erhardt

Sound Technicians: Scott Ritchie, Will Olsen, Tim Olsen

Church Administrator: Leslie Jaquez  

Music reproduced with permission of One license A-604859.  All rights reserved

Worship Bulletin

Enter to Worship

Sunday, March 17, 2019 @ ​10:30am

WELCOME!  First Baptist Church of Birmingham is a congregation committed to being good neighbors to all we encounter.  We recognize that all people have wounds to be healed, gifts to offer, questions to ask, and stories to share, regardless of affiliation, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, finances, or ability.  We are a community of people who have chosen love over judgement and hostility.  We are committed to listen, care, welcome, and challenge.  We extend to you a generous welcome today!

Prelude:         “Wonderful Words Of Life”

*Song:            “Lift High The Cross” #287


Opening Prayer

March Communion Offering Presentation

Scripture:      Deuteronomy 11:11-21 (O.T. page168)

Prayers Of The Community

*Song:             “O Lord, Hear My Prayer” #484

Presenting Our Gifts, Tithes and Offering 
            Offertory: “O Jesus Who Art Standing”  (Sharon Elery Rogers)                                                           

            *Song of Response: “For Beauty Of Meadows” #28, Vs. 1


Anthem:         “Go To Dark Gethsemane” (Jason Krug)     

Sermon:         “Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil”

                                               Pastor Scott Runyon

                                    Scripture:  Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-11  (O.T. page 2)

Closing Song:            “Be Not Afraid” #430

Closing Blessing

Postlude:        “Lift High The Cross” (Paul Manz)


*= You are invited to stand in body or spirit

First Baptist Church

of Birmingham, Michigan

(248) 644-0550