300 Willits Street
Birmingham, Michigan

​Saturday, July 19:

AA Meeting, Fellowship Hall 9–10:30AM 
AA Meeting, Fellowship Hall 8:00–9:00PM 

Sunday, July 14:

Worship 10:30AM

Tuesday, July 16:
Men's Breakfast 8:00AM

Wednesday, July 17: 
Worship Design Team 5:30PM
AA Meeting 8:00-9:00PM Fellowship Hall

Thursday, July 18:  
Writer’s Group 6- 7:30PM Parlor

Saturday, July 20: 
AA Meeting, Fellowship Hall 9–10:30AM 
AA Meeting, Fellowship Hall 8:00–9:00PM

Sunday, July 21: 
Worship 10:30AM

Monday, July  22: 
SLAA Group, Parlor 7:30–9:30PM

Tuesday, July 23:  
Men’s Breakfast 8AM

Wednesday, July 24: 
Worship Design Team 5:30PM
AA Meeting, Fellowship Hall 8:00–9:00PM

Thursday, July 28: 
Writer’s Group, Parlor 6–7:30PM


Summer Office Hours: Will begin on Monday, June 17. The office will be open Monday through Thursday, 9AM to 2PM. These hours will run through mid-August.

Our July Communion Offering will go in support of the Good family.  ​


Dispatches From The Millennial Frontier

​Being married and having children increase the likelihood that millennials (age 25-40) will choose to be part of a church community.  However, millennials are less likely to get married, wait longer to have children, and also have fewer children than earlier generations.  This is one of many factors for why millennials are less represented in the church.  Many millennials also cohabitate and consider themselves a family without being married.  Those who choose this arrangement often stay away from the church because they think the church will be judgmental toward them.  What do you think about this trend and general perspective of millennials? 


Mission Partners: Remain in prayer for Dan and Sharon Buttry, Jon Goode and family, Sameh and Semah, and Jeni Pedzinski, as well as retired missionary Judith Sutterlin.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman (Author)

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