First Baptist Church

of Birmingham, Michigan

(248) 644-0550

300 Willits Street
Birmingham, Michigan

We who are the First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Michigan are a community of faith committed to:

Proclaim and celebrate the good news of God's redeeming love expressed in Jesus Christ, through all our worship and daily life.

Invite and encourage all persons to accept the gift of God's saving love and guiding presence in their lives and to share in the life of the Church.

Teach and nurture one another in faith, so that each may become an articulate and Spirit-filled disciples whose decisions, lifestyle and vision of God's world bear witness to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Share with and care for each other in every circumstance of life, reflecting in our life together God's love for each of us.

Challenge and equip one another for mission and ministry through regular worship and prayer, study and fellowship, planning and support.

Go forth and serve the individuals and institutions of our metropolitan community in the manner and spirit of Jesus Christ, through personal and congregational ministries.

Promote and participate in the worldwide extension of the Gospel with all those of the Body of Christ who will share in that task with us.

Seek and support denominational, interdenominational and interfaith cooperation and understanding.

Mission Statement